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 We Have Service Plans 
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Plans That Will Help Our Customers 
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Keeping Your Systems Maintained Will Save You Money and Aggravation All Year Long!!

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These Plans & Prices Are For Residential Customers ONLY 
For More Information on Prices or Questions Please Call or Email

Bronze Maintenance- A/C & Ductless Split: 
  • Annual system check in the spring or early summer (April- June). 
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Checking contractors for wear 
  • Testing capacitors
  • Tightening belts
  • Inspecting coils and motors 
  • Cleaning of the motors and coils if needed 
  • Leak testing all visible/accessible refrigeration piping for leaks 
  • Charging A/C up to two lbs of Refrigerant R-22 or R-410a (Puron), (note that if you’re A/C has an annual leak rate of more than 15% the EPA requires you to have it repaired) 
  • Check for proper function of refrigeration metering devices

Bronze Maintenance-Heating Pump: 

  • Same as the A/C check list 
  • Emergency electrical heating strips will be inspected; if installed 
  • The outdoor sensor and defrost board will be tested for proper function.


Bronze Maintenance-Gas Boiler/Furnace: 

  • Inspection in the fall (September- October) 
  • Checking/ cleaning the furnace heat exchanger as needed 
  • Cleaning the pilot light sensor (thermo coupler) 
  • Tightening all electrical connections 
  • Checking safety devices 
  • Clean the vent piping up to the chimney flue connector
  • Inspect the flue from connector 
  • Recommend chimney cleaning if needed 
  • Test the flame module for proper operation and gas valves 
  • Inspect the fan blower motor
  • Combustion air blowers 
  • Draft inducers motors
  • Check for any gas leaks on the heating applications

Bronze Maintenance-Oil Burner Heat: 
  • Replacing the oil filter 
  • Replacing nozzle 
  • Cleaning the electrodes 
  • Vacuuming out the exchanger 
  • Vent piping 
  • Inspecting the chimney
  • The burner will be adjusted if needed
  • Test combustion for efficiency 
  • All planned maintenance customers will receive 5% off labor and parts to properly repair & maintain the system
  • The customer will also be our priority over service calls called in by non service planned maintenance customers

Silver Maintenance for all units: 

Same as Bronze Maintenance except any needed repair work will not include labor charges.


Gold Full Coverage for all units: 

(Units installed after 1999) Same as Silver Maintenance except all parts or material needed to make repairs will be covered without charge.

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